Trigenics® Mid-Body & Spine Course
June 23-24, 2018
Toronto, Canada


Learn Trigenics® Theory 
& Assessment
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A thorough understanding of Trigenics® concepts of neurogenic functional muscle imbalances and how this relates to the cause and perpetuation of common spinal conditions. Learn Trigenics® length and strength assessments to analyze functional muscular imbalances, that when corrected, provide effective pain relief and restoration of function and mobility. Become the expert in quickly and effectively assessing functional muscle imbalances secondary to neurological inhibition and over-facilitation. 
Learn Trigenics® lengthening and strengthening procedures to correct functional muscular imbalances for pain reduction, improved mobility, and increased strength. Be able to have plenty of hands-on practice and one-on-one instruction to leave the course confident in your skills to be able to apply them to your patients right after the course. Be able to offer your patients dramatic results in as little as two visits. Offer a new an innovate treatment system to your patients that provides quick and sustainable results!
Learn the go-to Trigenics® procedures for conditions such as forward head posture, thoracic outlet syndrome, tension headaches, migraine headaches, upper crossed syndrome, cervicogenic dorsalgia, lumbago, lumbar disc herniation, lower crossed syndrome, lumbar instability and more! Become a clinical expert and be proficient with Trigenics® to offer your patients the results and pain relief that they deserve and need.
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Date & Time: 
June. 23-24, 2018
Sat. 8:30am-7:30pm
Sun. 8:30am-7:30pm
Course Venue:
Holiday Inn Downtown 
30 Carlton St.
Toronto, Canada
M5B 2E9
Course Fees
$1499 USD for practitioners
$999 USD for students
The results in my clinic from Trigenics® have been nothing short of amazing!
"This is, by far, one of the best techniques I've learned. This is amazing!
It's a no-brainer, it's something you have to have in your practice.
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Trigenics Institute Spine Manipulation Course
Trigenics Institute Spine Manipulation Course
Trigenics courses Spine Manipulation
343 Eglinton Ave. E, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Or register by phone or email!
416-481-1957 / 416-481-1936
Registration includes a Mid-Body & Spine Procedure Manual and DVD!
Course Fees:
$1499 USD for practitioners
$999 USD for students